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    Common gas boiler repair problems.

    One of the most incredible things about a gas boiler is that, although it is an intricate piece of equipment, it doesn’t require frequent repairs. A typical gas boiler is made up using highly durable materials, and hence it needs little annual maintenance. That’s why it may be a surprise when you notice some problems with your gas boiler, although it is unavoidable to happen at a certain point. Therefore, it is crucial to look at the various gas boiler problems that will necessitate repair at least once annually.

    Kettling is one of the most common gas boiler problems. You can easily recognize it through the loud banging sound arising from the heating unit. Once you realize such a situation, it is high time you call in a professional technician to investigate the root cause of that particular problem. Note that you should never delay calling your technician to fix such issues since the issue may advance to a much larger problem within a short duration. Kettling is caused by deposits of excess minerals, mainly in hard water, which results in variations in the boiling tank’s pressure levels.

    Dripping and Leaking.

    It is one of the boiler problems that require instant repair. When your gas boiler begins to leak, please make an emergency call so that an expert can handle the situation before it becomes a disaster. Note that if the leak is arising from the boiler tank directly, this indicates a significant problem that requires instant repair work. For instance, a delayed repair can result in corrosion of some metal components in the boiler, forcing you to replace the entire boiling tank later. However, if the leak is arising from the pressure relief nozzle or the pump, then be assured your gas boiler only requires minor repair work.

    No Heat. Whenever we get a client’s call to inform us about their gas boiler having no heat, our technicians pay an instant visit to analyze the boiler’s various parts that could be the leading cause of such an issue. While the problem could be a minor issue with the ignition system, it could also mean a significant issue stopping the boiler from staying heated. For instance, a broken pump or thermostat means a severe underlying condition that requires repairing from a qualified heating technician.

    How much does it cost to repair a boiler?

    Generally, the cost of repairing a faulty gas boiler depends on the magnitude of the damage. Expect to incur anything from £150 when handling minor repair issues like a replacement of gas valves, fans, printed circuit board or £550 when addressing serious repair issues such as replacing the heat exchanger of your gas boiler. We can’t give the exact figures on a particular repair cost because the repair cost depends on many variables such as the age and type of your gas boiler, the cause of the problem, and the cost of replacement items. For instance, older boilers are relatively expensive to repair mainly because of the high repair parts’ prices.

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