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    We serve mainly Liverpool and surrounding areas

    combi boiler repair

    Certified Combi Boiler Repair engineers in Liverpool

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    We do 24hr emergency boiler repair and service in Liverpool & surrounding areas.

    We know that a boiler is one of the most depended on appliance in your home, especially in the cold winters of Liverpool.

    Most properties rely on central heating boilers to provide them with hot water for washing their dishes, taking showers and bathing their kids, never mind basic heating doing duties in the winter.

    Our team of certified gas safe heating engineers can tackle virtually any repair or replacement job. They have extensive experience working with both new and older boiler models. Regardless of the boiler, they still encounter three very common problems that require a boiler repair.

    1) Low or no Boiler pressure

    A lack of hot running water when you most need it, it’s very frustrating. Having the boil a kettle on a cold winter’s morning just to bathe your children because your Combi boiler has failed, it’s hardly an ideal situation. Before you panic and contact one of our engineers, it may be worth checking your system’s pressure yourself. Whether you’re working with an older new boiler if there appears to be little or no pressure (under.5 bar) this is most likely the primary reason for its malfunction.

    2) Inconsistent hot and cold water flow

    This is another common problem that occurs with Combi boilers and one that the engineers at Liverpool boiler fix encounter daily. We most commonly encounter this problem in taps that typically have a high output. High output valves can often result in your Combi boiler cycling from cold to hot water. This makes bathing or showering much more difficult. The root of the problem is usually hydraulic by nature, and this can cause overheating. It can also be caused by a blockage somewhere in the heat exchanger or in the boiler pipes. Usually, it’s nothing to worry about on our engineers can quickly fix the problem

    3) Overheating or noisy boiler

    Unfortunately, there is not such thing as a quiet boiler, however older ones do tend make more of a racket when you turn them on and especially if they’re running for a long time. Unfortunately, age catches up with all old devices. Hydraulic parts in your boiler may have become loose. rivets may have worked themselves free where some of your bearings may be worn.

    Whatever the cause of the noise, there’s no denying the fact that it’s a nuisance. Contacting one of our team of engineers would allow them to quickly assess the situation and recommend whether a replacement or repair is your best course of action. Unfortunately, every boiler will eventually reach its best before date, and it may be more cost effective to replace it than repair.

    When you work with the team of professionals at Liverpool boiler fix they are available to help you at any time of the year. Whether you’re experiencing an issue listed above or your boiler repair issue is caused by something else, pick up the phone and contact us on 0151 318 0909. Our team is happy to take your call and will discuss any of your questions or queries directly over the phone.

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